Homeowners Insurance

The unthinkable can happen at any given time. Be sure that you and your family and the roof that they live under is protected. Getting the right homeowners policy is very important. If you are caught without the proper coverage, you could find yourself in a tough financial spot.

Also, say that the unthinkable happens. We are on call from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday to help you with whatever issue may come about. We help oversee the entire claim, from start to finish. Here to help with any questions or speed bumps that may come along the way. So if something goes wrong your Tinnerman Insurance Agent is ready to assist you and get you through whatever incident life throws your way.

iii What is Homeowners Insurance


What all does a homeowners policy cover? A standard policy will cover the following:

  1. Structure of your home.
  2. Your Personal Belongings
  3. Liability Protection
  4. Living expenses in the case that you cannot live in your house.

When it comes to homeowners coverage and comparing prices, it is important to note what is covered and what isn't. This also goes in part with how much coverage is placed on such things. The more coverage you have, the less impact you take from a household disaster.

iii Homeowners Policy Coverage

1. The Structure of Your House

This portion of your policy will help cover any damage to your home caused by fire, hurricane, hail, lightning or any other disaster listed in your policy. (Note that flood insurance and earthquake insurance are often not covered in a homeowners policy.) The structure of house also includes pieces of your property that may not necessarily be a part of the house itself. For example an exterior garage or shed.

2. Your Personal Belongings

Here at Tinnerman Insurance we understand how important your personal belongings are. We do not work for the insurance companies, we work for you. Our entire line of work revolves around the customer. Building you the policy that protects you from the unthinkable, and making sure that your life gets back to normal as soon and as painlessly as possible.

3. Liability Protection

As a homeowner, you are legally responsible for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets. A good homeowners policy will cover you for any accidents that may occur on your property.

4. Temporary Living Expenses

Say if your house had just been severely damaged by a house fire. So much so that you and your family couldn't not make it a home for the time being. This portion of your policy helps you financially when it comes to finding a temporary place to stay while your house gets repaired.

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